Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork

Eckert’s meat market offers the finest in fresh beef, pork, chicken; sausages and other cured meats; and applewood smoked meats—great for nightly dinner made in the kitchen or on the grill and for entertaining! Much of our selection comes from local family farms. Eckert’s sells pork and beef that are farm-raised in and around St. Clair County. Ask our butchers for more information.

Eckert’s friendly, experienced staff are ready to cut any piece of meat or poultry to order. Our fresh, hand-cut products are never frozen. Eckert’s butchers have more than 75 years of training and experience. Eckert’s full-service meat department offers staff who are trained to answer questions about meat selections and cooking preparation (providing information about your purchases is an a service we value; our staff will help guests select the best cut for grilling, roasting or sauteing).


We use our own applewood after it is trimmed from our apple trees to smoke some our meats, including ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. This slightly sweet wood brings out the best in any beef, pork or poultry.

Eckert’s meat market is renowned for its 5-hour slow-smoked applewood baby back ribs covered with a Peach Butter Glaze. We select the highest-quality ribs, then season them by hand with a rub using 40 spices and herbs. The ribs are then smoked for 5 hours using Eckert’s applewood and later covered with our peach butter glaze. The result—mouth-watering, moist, tender, juicy, flavorful, ribs! Our ribs are available year-round on the weekends or with a 24-hour notice during the week. Every Thursday, during January & February, enjoy one FREE rack of ribs when you buy a rack of ribs at regular price. Call 618-233-0513 x 5 to order.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we offer applewood smoked turkeys raised on Illinois Amish farms. This guest favorite brings in customers from all over the metro-east and St. Louis areas.


Eckert’s bacon is cured and smoked using time-tested, old-fashioned smokehouse methods to deliver the best taste around. As our bacon cooks, there is very little popping and shrinkage. Guests may order custom cuts to meet recipe requirements. We also offer pre-cut pork and beef bacon and cured pork jowls in our packaged reach-in case.


Our cured meats include local, hand-made franks and wieners wrapped in old-fashioned, natural casing, fully cooked polish sausage, sweet German bologna, ring bologna, smoked chicken brats, and country style summer sausages. A section of ham steaks is always available

Ground Beef, Steaks Roasts and Beef Bones

Eckert’s ground lean beef is supplied by local ranchers Paul and Jack McCormick of Ellis Grove, Illinois, and is ground fresh daily in the Eckert’s meat market. The McCormicks raise grass-fed, open-pasture, grain-finished cattle. Our ground meat patties are 100% ground beef with no fillers or added water. Eckert’s ground beef burger selections are available seasonally. Guest favorites include the Apple Knocker burger—created by our own Chris Eckert— and our Peach Butter burger. Both burgers are ready to put on the grill. Eckert’s steaks are aged to perfection. Try one and taste the difference! We also offer a nice selection of beef roasts, and beef bones are also available (ask for them at the meat counter).


House-made fresh pork sausages are premium, savory examples of the craftsmanship offered by Eckert’s meat cutters. Eckert’s pork sausage is 100% pork. Eckert’s own recipes using traditional hand-mixed spice and herb blends provide our guests with a breakfast pork sausage and 9 varieties of brats to choose from daily, including apple bacon, applewurst, Italian, chorizo, chili cheese, bacon maple, and jalapeno.

Ready-to-Prepare Stuffed Meats and Kabobs

Eckert’s meat market has many tasty choices, including ready-to-cook stuffed pork tenderloin; 2-inch cut stuffed pork chops; pork, beef or chicken kabobs; and stuffed boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We also offer a fully cooked, applewood smoked bone-in pork chop that makes dinner a snap.